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Real, uncut reactions to the Downline Builder:

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Ariyana Rimson

Everything you need is just one click away.
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Vicki Courtney

We're really left with no excuses.
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Tony Dungy

A tool to answer the questions of discipleship...
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Adam Thomason

Once you see it, you know... THAT'S IT!
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Bryan Loritts

Reach a broad spectrum of people
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Carolyn McCulley

realize opportunities God is presenting to you
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Matt Chandler

will make a huge impact in the lives of others
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Chip Ingram

One of the best things I've ever seen!
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Crawford Loritts

simple, clean, compelling
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David Platt

can be customized in different ways to fuel discipleship
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Dennis Rainey

easy to use and build upon scripture
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Jared Wilson

exciting to be able to avoid a one-size-fits-all concept
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Jonathan Dodson

does tons of research for you
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Kay Arthur

It will be a valued resource for many.
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Lecrae Moore

practical, doctrinally-sound tool
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Marvin Daniels

Gives the church a framework for making disciples.
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Dr. Meg Meeker

I have never seen a program like this...
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Dr. Robert Coleman

puts the focus on Jesus
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Robert Lewis

outstanding, web-based product
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Sho Baraka

discipleship for dummies
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Tedashii Anderson

A tool of simplistic brilliance!
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Tommy Nelson

personalize your discipleship
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Trip Lee

A resource churches can use to aid discipleship.

Builder for Individuals

Downline Builder is an interactive discipleship tool that will allow you to create a customized discipleship curriculum for one-on-one relationships or small groups.

In contrast to the typical one-size-fits-all approach, the Builder will give you the opportunity to customize and personalize discipleship curriculum as many times as you want with as many different people or groups as you want for whatever period of time you want, all while providing built-in accountability for real, life-on-life relationships so that discipleship doesn't become a mere academic exercise. All proceeds from the Downline Builder help fund the life-changing work of Downline Ministries - equipping Christ followers to make disciples of all nations.

Builder for Churches

The most powerful and effective application for the Downline Builder is when it is integrated into your church's process for developing members spiritually.

Your license to the Downline Builder gives you complete control over the content, branding, and distribution of discipleship lessons. With your license, you will receive access to the ever-growing library of biblical discipleship content that we have created and gain the ability to include custom digital content of your own. Examples of custom content include:

  • Strengthen and support core disciple-makers
  • Extend the impact of every sermon beyond initial delivery
  • Enhance every lesson with video training and direction
  • Centralize existing content for broader access

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"We began our journey with Downline without a church license. We found this created two hurdles in our people. First, the hurdle of seeing oneself as a disciple-maker can be intimidating until a person begins engaging with others. Without good materials for guidance, many of our people would not even begin the journey. Also, we wanted to find a way to resource our people without it becoming cost prohibitive for them." – Stacie, Fellowship Knoxville

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Building Your Curriculum

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