About Us

Downline Ministries exists to encourage a restoration of biblical discipleship in and through the local church by strategically partnering with church leadership to equip men and women to make disciples in their home, church, and community for the glory of God and exaltation of Christ among the nations.

To learn more about Downline Ministries, visit our website. We offer several other avenues for biblical training:

  • Downline Institute

    A 9-month intensive training course where we walk you through the majority of the Bible, practical discipleship training, and teaching on manhood/womanhood.

  • Emerging Leaders

    This program is a part of the Institute, but is geared more towards young leaders who are fresh out of college. In addition to the training they receive in our Institute, they live in communal housing, get discipled by a Downline alum or staff, work a job, volunteer in an inner city ministry, have an extra night of training every week, and are highly encouraged to go on an international mission trip through Downline.

  • Downline Online

    This is the online version of the Downline Institute. It has an open enrollment that begins on the first of every month.

  • Downline Discipleship DVD Series

    This is first curriculum we produced. It is a great primer on discipleship if you're looking for something to get your church or small group on the same page with discipleship language. Also great for personal study and growth.

  • Downline Global

    We do teaching and training all over the world.

To learn more about Downline Ministries and any of our programs, visit our website